It used to be that Facebook compressed ALL images you upload to JPGs. Now there’s a workaround for those fuzzy text graphics, like quote pictures or tips graphics. Facebook will apply another round of compression to your photos, so saving them as large files assures best results. Facebook’s compression will be more than adequate to assure fast-loading photos on the web. Also note that, even though Facebook won’t resize images at the 2048 size, they will be resized in the user’s browser.

where is csv file

Its location will vary depending on your version of Word and Windows, but it will always be in the folder where your user templates are stored. There are several ways to find that location, but Method 3 is by far the simplest. After applying the template, all the styles in the template are available in the new document.

Csv Import Resources

When using raster based graphics software such as Photoshop to set type, it is recommended that you set your document resolution to 400 PPI. Setting the file up at 400 PPI will insure the text stays crisp. PNG-8 uses 8 bits per pixel and like GIF, supports a maximum of 256 colors. It does support transparency when using the “Save for Web” feature .OBJ of Photoshop.

  • It is also a favorite of printers because there is no loss in quality when the image is printed.
  • In fact, most digital cameras andsmartphonessave your pictures as JPGs.
  • The first vector element specifies the offset from the top, and the second element specifies the offset from the left, in pixels.
  • A good way to think of resolution is to think of a digital photo as a design mosaic made up of those very small tiles we mentioned earlier.

Numbers greater than 127 shall be used when inventing experimental or private definitions of values for any of these fields. Numbers below 128 are reserved for possible public extensions of this specification through future standardization (see 4.9 Extension and registration). The use of private type codes may render a datastream unreadable by standard decoders. Such codes are strongly discouraged except for experimental purposes, and should not appear in publicly available software or datastreams. An ancillary chunk type, not a critical chunk type, should be used for all private chunks that store information that is not absolutely essential to view the image. Creation of private critical chunks is discouraged because PNG datastreams containing such chunks are not portable. Such chunks should not be used in publicly available software or datastreams.


CSV and Excel are peculiar formats for storing the data and are used by various persons in a vast number. But both can be judiciously used presently for data uploading, data visualizations, data analysis, and manipulation.

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