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Drizzt Do’Urden was good drow. 6 meters) tall and you will considered throughout the 130 weight (59 kilograms). [13] His handsome features were sharp and you may well-proportioned and you will, like many drow, Drizzt’s facial skin are black with his stark white locks is much time, thick, and flowing. Their vision was indeed an excellent lavender tone (quite different from new drow race’s normal purple, even though the guy made use of his infravision, and that usually brought about vision so you’re able to sparkle yellow) and you can appeared to shine fiercely when he is resentful otherwise computed. [20]

His attention had previously been familiar with new pitch-blackness of one’s Underdark. not, decades once Drizzt earliest ventured on the skin, their vision adapted with the bright light around the globe over. While using the his infravision, the images, in the event the stored to have a protracted time frame, triggered stresses or any other apparent symptoms of filters. [21]

He generally speaking used a tree-environmentally friendly cloak that has been supplied to your by the Weeping Friars on his deviation so you’re able to Icewind Dale, higher black footwear, and good necklace linked Cardiff free hookup website to a light unicorn direct, the brand new icon of his deity, Mielikki, the latest goddess out-of rangers. Which icon was crafted to possess your from the his close friend Regis away from scrimshaw (the newest bone of your own knucklehead bass utilized in Icewind Dale). [20]

Identity [ ]

Innovative and you can sensitive to someone else, Drizzt kept themselves into higher beliefs but failed to expect this new same out of someone else. The guy credited Catti-brie to own imparting cultural awareness and endurance through to your. [22] Actually ever alert to possess treachery and you will issues, he spoke little however, try apt to be respectful (when the terse) within his negotiations. A perfectionist just who yearned getting acknowledged to the cities and groups and also to it’s the perfect time generally, Drizzt try haunted by the possibilities the guy delivered to people the guy befriended, thanks to the analysis of one’s clerics out-of Lolth with his other opposition (significantly the newest devil Errtu therefore the person assassin Artemis Entreri). Those people he came across seen your due to the fact having a grim styles. [citation needed]

In his old age, Drizzt’s mission try perfection of your own system along with his blades from inside the battle. [23] Drizzt did not wanted his god so you can determine their actions; he previously to trust those activities themselves. [24]

The fresh Huntsman [ ]

Towards the apparently uncommon occasions, Drizzt regressed for the good bestial and you can instinctive mood one he recognized as this new “Hunter”. The first occasion that it happened are immediately following Drizzt got fled away from Menzoberranzan and you can are residing the new wilds of Underdark. Of these a decade, the guy came close to becoming entirely overwhelmed through this animalistic character, however, first started teaching themselves to master it as he showed up alongside injuring certain svirfneblin youngsters. [25] Regarding the temperatures out of race, when his loved ones was when you look at the great possibilities or when he was alone from the wasteland, Drizzt do periodically eliminate power over himself or throw in the towel to the newest cravings of Hunter, instance when he returned so you’re able to their homeland to stop harm of visiting his relatives. [26] Several other example are when, inside conflict with Queen Obould Of a lot-Arrows with his horde regarding orcs, Drizzt had believe Bruenor dry, and you may wasn’t specific in the event that their most other family unit members was live. [27] [28]

When Drizzt is actually the new Hunter, he attained his real apex, their knowledge honed to their extreme peak. Their scimitars was indeed such as for instance extensions out of their own arms, along with his senses have been increased beyond the normal skill. [citation needed]

Results [ ]

While the an effective drow, Drizzt try innately in a position to summon planets off impenetrable magical darkness at the often into the a location or linked to a target. He may and additionally summon an ordinary faerie flames, reddish flames you to definitely failed to burn but could be seen and you can outlined a goal, making it easier to identify, even when the address turned into hidden. At any given time, he previously the capacity to levitate, however, destroyed it ability with his almost every other inborn performance on making this new Underdark. It was considering the absence of faerzress on top world. He may, not, still to improve his eyes into the infrared range, making it possible for him to see at night. His speed and you can attacking power was in fact legendary, and several demonstrated his actions just like the too quickly to follow along with having the eye, drow otherwise peoples. [citation needed]

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